A mobile application that empowers busy parents to take charge of their child's developmental health



Clementine is a mobile app that seeks to tackle the lack of resources for child developmental screening in a seamless and celebratory manner. The end result is a platform in which parents are able to play an integral role in their child's developmental growth through informative feedback and charming interactions. I was responsible for creative direction and designing the UI elements.

App Design, UI, UX

Isaac Jaeger
Piper Loyd
Faezah Shaharuddin

2018, Winter


A selection of screens from the prototype

Creating a mobile-first screening experience

In the United States, 17% of children have a developmental or behavioral disability. Screening, detection, and treatment of these developmental delays that can help ensure the best outcomes for a child.

The widespread use of smartphones presents an opportunity to increase screening rates—especially in underserved communities. Thus, we were tasked with creating a mobile app that simplifies the current experience while providing parents with the tools to better engage with their child's health.


The desktop experience is confusing and not optimized for mobile browsers.

Understanding the issues with current screening practices

We met with Julie to discuss difficulties with the current website, how the diagnostics were calculated, as well as any thoughts regarding the overall design that should be taken into account.

In order to further identify other design opportunities, we conducted card sorts, usability tests on several main task flows, and interviews to understand what parents might want from this service. We also made a map of the existing site in order to get a better feel for its structure. Taking this information into account, we began working backwards—listing out user needs and how might we statements.


One of our participants taking part in a card sort.


The Baby Steps website is confusing with multiple ingress points into your child's profile.

Putting our prototype in front of users

User testing was one of the most pivotal points during our process. While it did validate several of our decisions regarding the simplification of the site's information architecture, there were still plenty of things that weren't hitting the mark. We had yet to achieve a balance of "clinical" and "bright and friendly," and several issues arose with how we were handling our navigation.


A participant taking part in a usability test.


The visual evolution of the timeline—from wireframes to near final designs.


The finalized information architecture of our app

Selected user flows

These flows showcase some of the app's central features.


Searching for a memory


Adding a memory to your child's timeline


Completing a milestone with your child


Like most app design projects, our prototype still needs to be fine-tuned. Nonetheless, Clementine was an immense learning experience. I had previously never designed anything to this extent for a mobile platform, so it was a valuable opportunity to practice refining the nuances of the different UI elements as well as my user testing skills—going the extra step to validate our decisions was vital for the success of our final prototype. I'm grateful to have worked with such a hardworking team on tackling such an important issue.